​​​​​The relationship that RWM enjoys with each customer is highly specific and defined. Each partnership is unique and each customer seeks different objectives. As such, we are committed to flexibility in order to serve the customer’s special circumstances.

RWM will perform as many, or as few services that the customer requires.

We have some customers who would like us to do “everything”: research and development on formulations; source and purchase the raw materials and components (always according to the customer’s specifications); provide manufacturing, containerizing, and decorating services; provide warehousing of finished goods; and coordinate the fulfillment of the customer’s orders.

On the other extreme, we also have customers provide us with their finished material in bulk as well as all of their pre-decorated packaging. These customers simply need us to provide the containerizing services necessary to transfer their bulk material into their containers.

RWM is pleased to provide the contract manufacturing solution that meets the customer’s goals and objectives. Each relationship is different and unique and we are committed to the nuances that bring the most value to the customer.

Does RWM offer turnkey solutions?