​This question comes up frequently. RWM is a batch manufacturer, making one customer’s product today and another customer’s product two days later, for example. We are not like other manufacturers who may produce only a handful of sku’s in extremely large quantities. We compete on the other end of the bell curve.

As a result of our position in the marketplace, we do not have a standard "minimum batch size". We are committed to long-term relationships with our customers and we consider ourselves their manufacturing partner. As such, we are committed to growing as you grow. Oftentimes, this philosophy leads us to “start small” with a customer as an opportunity for the customer to refine key aspects of their marketing strategy while not overburdening the customer with excess inventory that may not represent the ideal product mix. We are an ideal partner for the customer who is ready to launch a product into the marketplace to generate feedback that may influence necessary tweaks to the product, packaging, pricing, and promotion matrix.

There are standard fixed costs associated with every production run regardless of the batch size. It stands to reason that these fixed costs decrease, on a per unit basis, as the batch size increases. RWM works very closely with a customer to determine the ideal batch size for that customer’s particular situation.

Suffice it to say, we can easily handle batches from 5 gallons to 1,500 gallons (and all sizes in between). We can also campaign multiple batches a day of the same product using the same equipment to achieve a targeted production volume.