For Powders/Pellets/Crumbles/Granules:

Net Weight Dry Fillers (0.1 lbs-50 lbs)​

   For Liquid/Gels/Pastes/Creams/Lotions/Ointments:​

​​Pneumatic Over-Flow Fillers (2 oz.-128 oz.)

Gravity Over-Flow Fillers (2oz.-128oz.)

Piston Fillers (0.25 oz. -128 oz.)

Gear Pump Fillers (0.25 oz. - 128 oz.)

​​Fillers for Bulk Drums, Totes, and Tankers

Automatic Cappers with Torque settings

Filling and Containerizing

1,100 Gal. APV Steam-Jacketed Tank with Anchor Blade Agitation Coupled with Permanent 12" High Shear Dispersion Blade​

400 Gal. Eisenbach Kettle with Anchor Blade Sweep Mixer

Two 500-Gal. Steam-Jacketed Dual Sweep

1,500 Gal. Lee Double Motion Steam-Jacketed 

Diverse options in non-jacketed Mix and Holding Tanks (both fixed and tilt varieties)

Stainless Steel Kettles and Tanks

​​Tolan 500 Gal. Steam-Jacketed Pressure Vessel

418 Gal. Steam-Jacketed Kettle

100 Gal. Groen Kettle with Dual Sweep Blade Agitation

Steam-Jacketed Groen Kettles of multiple capacities: from 5 Gal. to 200 Gal.  

 Electric Steam Kettles of various sizes

​Numerous Steam-Jacketed Kettles in a range of sizes (both fixed and tilt varieties)

At RWM, we have a wide selection of equipment available for all your manufacturing needs:

Dry Powder Mixers

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Ball Mill

Micronizing Fitzpatrick Mill


Arde Barinco High Shear Mixers

IBC Tote Mixers 

Hobart Mixers 

Inline High Shear Mixer

Triflow Mixer

 Electric Homogenizer

Assorted Air Mixers with multiple Attachment Configurations


​​Automatic Labeling Machines:

Wrap-Around for Round Containers

Tamp for Flat Front and Back Application


InkJet Printers for Coding Lot numbers, Best By/Expiration Dates and other SKU information

Zebra Printers for Case Labeling and Pallet Placards